Blade Tech - Revolution Single Pistol Mag Pouch w/o Tek-Lok BK

20,00 VAT included

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Revolution Single Mag Pouch:

  • Streamlined to aid in concealment
  • High impact & abrasion resistant
  • Adjustable tension screws
  • High heat deflection
  • Robust polymer plastic material
  • Designed for easy mag removal
  • High quality molded pouch at an affordable price
  • Internal tapered tensioning ribs

GLOCK 17 LONGSLIDE, Glock 24 Longslide, Glock 37, Glock 38, Glock 39, GLOCK 9/40 GLOCK 17 LONGSLIDE,
Glock 24 Longslide, Glock 37, Glock 38, Glock 39, GLOCK 9/40

  1911 Single Stack, COLT COMMANDER, COLT GOV. .45, Colt Officer, Kimber Fullsize 5", Kimber CDP 5", Kimber CDP II 5", KIMBER COMP CDP II, KIMBER COMPACT II, KIMBER Custom CDP, KIMBER CUSTOM CDP II 4IN., Kimber Custom Eclypes 5", Kimber Custom II 5", Kimber Custom TLE, Kimber Desert Warrior, KIMBER GOLD COBAT RL II W/RAILS, KIMBER GOLD MATCH II, Kimber Grand Raptor 5", Kimber Pro Carry, KIMBER PRO CDP II, Kimber Pro TLE/RL 4", Kimber Tactical Custom II 5", KIMBER TACTICAL PRO II, KIMBER TACTICAL ULTRA II, KIMBER TLE II, Kimber TLE RL, Kimber TLE/RL 2 5", Kimber Ultra carry, KIMBER ULTRA CARRY II, KIMBER ULTRA CDP II, Kimber Ultra Raptor II, Kimber Warrior 5", Les Baer Monolith, Sig GSR 1911 w/o rail, Sig GSR 1911 w/rail, Springfield 1911 5", Springfield Champion 4in, Springfield Champion Lightweight Operator w/rails, Springfield compact 4", Springfield Lightweight Operator, Springfield Long Slide, Springfield MC Operator, Springfield Operator, Springfield Trophy Match 5", Springfield TRP Operator w/Full Piccantinny Rail, Springfield TRP Operator w/Half Piccantinny Rail, Springfield V10, Taurus 1911 AR, Wilson CQB

Beretta 90-TWO, Beretta 92, Beretta 92 compact, Beretta 92/96 Brigadier, Beretta 96 Centurian, Beretta 96FS, Beretta Elite 1A, Beretta Elite II, Beretta GSD, Beretta M9A1 w/Rails, Beretta M9A1 w/Rails & Brigadier Slide, Browning High Power 40, Browning High Power 9, CZ 75, CZ 75 COMPACT (no rail), CZ 75-B, CZ P01, CZ SP01, Desert Baby Eagle 3.5 compact9/40 (no rail), Desert Baby Eagle 4.72.9/40 (no rail), Desert Baby Eagle Semi-Compact 9/40 3.93" (no rail), KEL-TEC P-11, Ruger P89, Ruger P94, Ruger P95, S & W Sigma 9/40 Compact, S & W Sigma 9/40F, SIG 226, Sig 226 X5 (no rail), Sig 226 X5 Tactical (w/rail), Sig 226R, SIG 228, Sig 229 357/40 cal., Sig 229 9mm, Sig 229R, Springfield XD 9/40, Walther P99 40 cal, Walther P99 9mm

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