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 Tacticalsense (TS) was founded  by Gaetano Garda, out of his experience in the military and professional security, and the needs for better gear that arose in the field. From a small shop, Tacticalsense has grown to be the leading Online Tactical Gear source for Italy and most of Europe. The company’s Mission is to provide operators with the best military and professional gear available on the market. Today, we feel that the best Tactical Nylon and hardware is made in the USA, and that is where most of our gear comes from; we choose our products with utmost care and we strive to offer our customers with the best there is.

Attention to quality, detail, service and performance is given to every single product we carry and distribute, and we stand by every product we sell. It is what we use in the field, and we trust our life on it. Our policy is very simple: if we would not trust to give our son in harm’s way the gear we sell, we would not sell it to anybody else. Period.

 A former Paratrooper in the “Folgore” Brigade, Gaetano still serves in the Italian Army Reserve, in his unit.




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Retail and Wholesalers, Sporting Goods; Optical Equipment/Supplies, Merchant Wholesalers; Military Equipment/Supplies; Repair and Maintenance Services, Guns & Gunsmiths, Small Arms


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Cav. Gaetano Garda, President  


Tactical Sense S.r.l.
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