Emdom/MM 6o4 Multi-Pistol Magazine Pouch

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The Emdom/MM 6o4 Multi-Pistol Magazine Pouch is a design collaboration between Emdom USA and MM from www.militarymorons.com. The 6o4 pouch is designed to hold multiple pistol magazines in one pouch; thus improving organization and maximizing available PALS and/or belt real estate in comparison to four or six single magazine pouches mounted side by side. This pouch is appropriately named the 6o4 (six-oh-four) as it is designed to hold 6 single stack .45 magazines OR 4 double stack magazines (as well as similarly sized magazines of various calibers). The 6o4 pouch holds the equivalent of four or six single magazine pouches while only taking up 2 rows x 2 columns of PALS webbing or 4” of belt space. The height adjustable cover flap of the 6o4 will also accommodate items of similar shape such as multi-tools, folding knives, and flashlights.

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