Identification (ID) Marker Panel

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Identification (ID) Marker Panel
SKU: EU052

Identification (ID) Marker Panel

Identification (ID) marker panel, a product developed as per the request of special force operators. Operators have been complaining about the trouble of hide / expose / seek of their 1" x 1" ID markers during different combat situations. With our ID panel, operators can now choose to hide or expose their ID markers without physically removing it from their gears. The action usually causes MIA of these small ID markers. Each ID panel houses two 1" x 1" markers (IR IFF marker or retro-reflective markers). Makers can be Velcro or sewn onto the panel. Our panel is made of super thin mil-spec nylon tape and Velcro. We ensure minimum thickness and wrinkle free open-closure. Pull tapes at the tail ends ensure easy open by gloves. Velcro at the tail ends fully secures the panel in open or close position. The panel is hook velcro backed, ready to mate with any loop Velcro surface at your helmet, BDUs, vests or armors. The panel is ready for day and night identification, point-to-point identification, and night close air support. Size: 1.5" x 2-1/8" in close mode, 2-1/8" x 3" in open mode. Color: coyote brown and smoke green (sewer green). Please also check our IR IFF marker and retro-reflective markers. Emdom USA, Inc. Note: This sale does not include any ID markers.

Tactical Advantages:

  • Mil-spec nylon tape and Velcro.

  • Min thickness, winkle free open and closure.

  • Size: 2-1/8" x 1.5" in close mode, 2-1/8" x 3" in open mode.

  • Color: Coyote brown, or Smoke green (sewer green)

  • Water-proof.

  • Houses two 1" x 1" ID markers. IR IFF marker or retro-reflective marker.

  • Markers can be sewn or Velcro onto the panel.

  • Backed with Velcro hook, mate with any loop Velcro surface at BDUs, helmet, armor or vests.

  • Pull tape at tail ends, easy open by gloves.

  • Velcro at tail ends fully secures the panels in open or close position.

  • Ready for day and night identifications.

  • No more missing in action of ID markers.

  • Excellent point-to-point identification, night close air support.

  • Prevent fratricide.

  • Note: This sale does not include any ID markers.

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  • Left: ID panel on Paraclete RAV armor

  • Right: ID panel on Emdom Plate carrier. Note: the tails and the pull tape of the panel can actually insert into the MOLLE webbings (if the velcro loop surface is not available down below).

  • Left: ID panel on Navy SEAL IBH Helmet set up.

  • Right: ID marker panel on Crye CQB BDU and Emdom Admin pouch.


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