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Product Description

The 10-8 Performance rear sight is precision CNC machined from heat treated 4140 bar stock to better resist the nicking and denting that is typical with the wear and tear of daily carry. All 10-8 sights feature a U notch for rapid, intuitive alignment with dot such as on our tritium insert, brass bead, and fiber optic front sights. The rear face is serrated at 40 lpi to reduce glare in varied lighting conditions.  The sight blade is thick enough to allow setting in tritium vials as dots or bars if one so chooses, but we recommend leaving them without inserts in order to draw the eye toward the front sight.  The sight body is contoured and dehorned for comfortable handling and carry.  All rear sights feature a plain black blade finished in matte black oxide. 

  • FITS: Novak LoMount ® dovetail
  • Notch widths:
    • .125" - preferred for greatest accuracy
    • .140" - most popular, good all purpose width
    • .156" - fastest notch for .125" wide front blades or XS Dot front sights
      • Choose the .156" notch, .325" height to use with the XS Standard Dot for 1911, which is .185" tall.

Most factory sight setups feature a rear notch that is the same width as the front blade - ie. typically a .125" wide rear notch with .125" wide front sight.  This type of setup provides a relatively tight visual window that optimizes precision for maximum accuracy.  For most shooters with good vision, this combination works fine.  An increasingly popular combination is the .140" rear notch with a .125" width front blade.  For most shooters, this combination offers improved speed on close range targets without degrading perceived accuracy out to 25 yards.  The .156" extra wide notch is compatible with the XS Standard Dot (.110” width) or XS Big Dot (.161” width)  front sights, and also makes for a very quick combination in conjunction with our .125" wide front sights.  Hilton's "signature" set is the .140" wide rear notch with a .100" wide fiber optic front, or the .156" rear with the .125" brass bead front.

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