Blade Tech - Revolution Combo Pack (T-Barrel, Double Mag Pouch, Holster)

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Blade-Tech is excited to offer an honest value, the Revolution Combo Pak. The Revolution Combo Pak bundles multiple first-rate products, including the injection molded Revolution Holster, stable Revolution Double Mag Pouch and safe Training Barrel for a variety of weapons like Glock, 1911, Smith & Wesson M&P, and Sig. Blade-Tech has engineered this holster and barrel to offer lifetime performance in a wide range of conditions. They won’t become soft in extreme temperatures (over 300º F) and won’t become fragile in low temperatures.

The Revolution Holster holds your firearm securely with the Positive Lock Trigger Guard. There are two retention screws, allowing the users to fine tune their draw to their specific needs. Blade-Tech’s Adjustable Sting Ray and Paddle attachment are also included to accommodate to the users carry preferences.

The Double Magazine Pouch platform firmly holds the users additional magazines. The pouch is ambidextrous, accommodating to left and right hand shooters. Blade-Tech’s Double Magazine Pouch comes with the adjustable ASR belt attachments that allow the pouch to be carried closer to body, aiding in overall concealment.

Blade-Tech’s Training barrel is paramount tool in any shooters arsenal. By replacing the factory barrel, it allows for safe training with the actual firearm. This permits realistic training, allowing manipulation of the slide and trigger, while holding safety as an utmost priority. The Training Barrel is colored in bright “safety yellow” to denote to users and others that the firearm is safe to handle.

Whether training, where safety is the highest requirement or shooting competition, where speed and extra ammunition are vital to success, Blade-Tech’s Revolution Combo Pak is the best economic choice on the market today.

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