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SAF Admin Panel
SKU: EU-009

SAF Admin Panel

Our SAF Admin panel is specially designed to allow you to set up your essential admin tools for any mission necessity. The panel is composed of a small flap-cover pouch at right, and a bilateral side elastic pocket at left. The size of the whole admin panel is 4.5" H x 5.5" W, a much compact size than other manufacturer's product. The size of the elastic pocket is 4" H x 3.5" W x 1" T. The side elastics allows further 0.5" increase in depth to fit thicker items, such as compass. The opening of elastic pocket is secured by Velcro at the top. A pull tab ensures quick and easy access to the contents under stress. Above the elastic pocket are two paracord loops for securing longer items, such as pens and small light stick. These loops are adjustable, and will fit objects of different diameters. 1" D-ring at left allows you to tie compass lanyard or key chain to prevent any possible "MIA". The right flap-cover pouch is 4.5" H  x 2" W x 1.5" T in size. It fits most multi-tool, small flash light, Nextel i530 mobile phone, pistol magazine, and small pocket knife. It also has an internal paracord loop for any tie-down usage. Finally, velcro panel at the front secures any glints, ID or other velcro backed patches. The whole panel has water drainage grommets for maritime operations. New: Mulitcam and ACU Admin Panel with improvements !!

Tactical Advantages:

  • Size: 4.5" H x 5.5" W, Weight: 3.4 oz

  • Compact size: for any modern Body armor, Chest rig, or plate carrier. 

  • MOLLE / ALICE compatible or belt mounted: by MALICE Clips.

  • Bilateral elastic pocket: expend in depth to fit thicker object.

  • Universal flap-cover pouch: fits cell phone, pocket knife, flash light, pants, pistol mags.

  • Velcro secured pocket / pouch with bartacked pull tab: allows maximum security and fast assess in high speed situations, even with gloves on. 

  • Top adjustable para-cord loops: secure longer items with different diameters, and serves as anchor points for any tie-down.

  • Front Velcro: for glints, ID, velcro-backed patches.

  • Side D-ring - 1": anchor point for compass lanyard, key chain or etc. 

  • No protruding binding tapes: at rear side seams. No more overlapping and deformity between pouches. Maximizing load-bearing capacity of any modular vest or armor system.

  • Water drainage grommet: for maritime operations.


  • Left: Sewer Green Admin panel with Multi-tool and ligher.

  • Right: Coyoteish brown Admin panel with Motorola i730 cell phone.

  • Left: SAF Admin panel is mounted onto a pair of M4 mag pouches.

  • Right: SAF Admin panel is mounted onto a FSBE AAV body armor.

  • Left: SAF Admin panel is mounted on a interceptor body armor.

  • Right: SAF Admin panel is mounted onto a HSGI modular vest. A pair of EMS trauma shears is inserted at the back.

  • New:Multicam and ACU Admin Panel.

  • Improvement: Full color matching cover flap. Reinforced side elastic, military IR reduction plastic D-ring.


Emdom USA, Inc.

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