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Emdom CQB M4 Double Mag Pouch Emdom CQB M4 Double Mag Pouch is specially designed for CQB situations. Adjustable cover flap fits Ranger Plate / Magpul mags or Flash bangs of compatible sizes. Foldable bottom design with elastic retention allows complete flattening of the pouch when it is empty, no more protruded bottom. Middle placed elastic does not squeeze the opening of the pouch, allowing easy in / out of mags, while still holding the one or two M4 mags tight. The V-shape cover flap is specially designed for easy tug in behind the magazines, or insert into a special retention strap for maximum security. The retention strap secures the cover flap in place when you draw or insert your mags in the open-pouch mode, no more flap blocking situations. What make the Emdom CQB M4 pouch different from the others is the unique modular system located at the front of the pouch, specially designed to integrate with our CQB pistol mag pouch. The combined "CQB M4-Pistol Combo" allows you to set it into four modes (Step mode, Full cover mode, Half CQB mode, Full CQB mode). You can also use the system for other purposes (single mount or cross mount with other bigger pouches). Lastly, by adding a shock cord and a pull tag, you can transform the pouch into a shock cord retention M4 pouches. Each pouch requires 2 long MALICE clips (not included), fits MALICE / PALS / ALICE system, belt or webbing up to 3" wide. Features: * Size: adjustable height x 3" x 2", Weight: 4.3 oz * MALICE / PALS / ALICE compatible or belt mounted: by 2 long MALICE clips (not included). * Single & Double mag storage: fit one or two 30 rounds M4 / M16 magazines. * Middle placed elastic strap: no squeeze at opening of the pouch, easy in / out of mags. * Adjustable flap: fits M4 mags with ranger plate or Magpul. Fits flash bangs, or other equipment with similar size. * V-shape cover flap: easy tug in behind mags, or insert into the flap retention strap for maximum security. * Flap retention strap: is sewn at the neck of the pouch, preventing the cover flap from hanging down across the pouch. It also secures the cover flap in pouch-open mode. No more "flap blocking" situations. * Foldable bottom design: allows complete flattening of the pouch when it is empty. * Velcro secured flap: allows maximum security and fast access in high speed situations. * Modular low Cut design: accommodates the curvature of M16 mags, no "Banana" effect. * Bartacked pull tab: super strong and easily access even with gloves on. * Front mounting capability: for CQB pistol mag pouch, or other MALICE pouches. * 4 modes of "M4-pistol combo" set up: after combining the CQB pistol mag pouch with CQB M4 pouch. * Cross mounting capability: a larger size pouch can be mounted over two or three CQB M4 mag pouches. * Shock cord retention capability: Shock cord retention can be added at the pouch. * No protruding binding tapes: at rear side seams. No more overlapping and deformity between pouches. Maximizing load-bearing capacity of any modular vest or armor system. * Water drainage grommet: for maritime operations. * Requires two long MALICE clips (not included). * Imported.

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