Emdom/MM KitMat

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Codice prodotto F05EU074MC

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The Emdom/MM KitMat is a design collaboration between Emdom USA and MM from www.militarymorons.com. The KitMat is a simple and convenient fold up/roll up cleaning kit pouch with an integrated mat. The KitMat allows you to have your cleaning supplies and spare parts readily accessible with a clean surface to work on. Two zippered pouches with internal organizational pockets can be utilized as storage for cleaning patches, bore brushes, small solvent/oil bottles, spare parts (pins, springs, bolt, bolt carrier, etc.), bore snakes, tooth brushes, etc. With the mat laid out, small parts like springs and pins can be secured to the loop Velcro small parts area with the included strips of hook Velcro. If the KitMat gets too dirty it can be thrown in the wash or scrubbed down by hand.

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