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Large Utili-Shingle Stackable Pocket
SKU: EU003

Large Utili-Shingle Stackable Pocket

An Emdom USA exclusive, the Large Utili-Shingle is designed to provide general purpose storage space on your vest or pack while allowing you to simply place your existing mission essential pouches directly over them. The pouch features a double pull zipper along the top edge, a paracord loop at the top center, 3 bars by 6 channels of PALS on the front and sides, and drain grommets at the base, and a full long MALICE Clip matrix at the back. Each pouch comes with 2 long MALICE Clips, allowing attachment to any PALS system, belt or webbing up to 3" wide. These are great under the cummerbund of your body armor or directly under your ammo and other mission essential pouches. Use them to store power bars, candy, documents, maps, pens, tools, and anything small that you need at hand but can’t spare space for a dedicated pouch for, you can even fit a good amount of first aid supplies inside for an unobtrusive med kit. You’ll be amazed at how useful these pouches are. Emdom USA, Inc.      

Tactical Advantages:

  • Size: 6-1/2" x 9" x 1-1/2", Weight: 5.9 oz

  • MOLLE or ALICE compatible: by MALICE Clips.

  • Multi-purpose storage pocket: for handy stuffs, such as power bars, documents, maps, pens, tools, and anything small.

  • Sandwich set up: Shingle pocket is thin and is designed to fit between armor (vest) and other mission essential pouches, creating a sandwich modular system. The purpose is to provide additional storage area behind mission essential pockets

  • Front and Side MOLLE / PALS mounting capability: small pockets can be custom-mounted at the front and sides.

  • Optimal size with excellent modularity: 9" x 6.5" x 1.5". The pouch fits three DAM4 mag pouches, or four Pistol mag pouch at the front.

  • Hanging loop at top back center: for dummy cording your gear.

  • Dual zipper pulls closure:allow you to access different storage areas of the pocket, and to position the exit of cords, wires or tubes. 

  • Water drainage grommet: for maritime operations.

  • Paraclete RAV body armor set up: A pair of Large Utili-Shingle pouches are set under the abdominal fixation flap of a Paraclete RAV body armor. Items can be easily accessed through the top opening. Other Emdom products include pistol mag pouches, DAM4 mag pouches, and a Small Utili-shingle pouch at lateral left.

  • Sandwich set up: Three DAM4 mag pouches are top-mounted on a Large Utili-Shingle pouch. Other Emdom products include a Grobes glove pouch and an Admin pouch at upper chest;  DAM4 mag pouches, pistol mag pouches, and a strobe light pouch at the abdomen. 

  • Left: Point Blank FSBE AAV body armor set up. A Large Utili-shingle pouch with side-mounted pistol mag pouches. Other Emdom products include a Grobes glove pouch at right; and a small Utili-shingle pouch at left.

  • Right: Point Blank Interceptor body armor set up. A pair of Large Utili-shingle pouches are mounted at each side of the abdomen. One shingle pouch is sandwiched with a BOMB medical bag and a DAM4 mag pouch. The other sandwiched with three DAM4 mag pouches. Other Emdom products include an Admin pouches, and pistol mag pouches at upper chest.

  • Left: A Large Utili-shingle pouch is mounted at the bottom of a LBT assault backpack.

  • Right: Funny set up. Bill mounted a Large Utili-shingle pouch over two 4x4 SUV GP pouches. Other Emdom products include a HABD / SEA survival air egress pouch at the top.

  • Crye Multicam Camo: Large Utili-shingle pouch in Crye Precision MULTICAM (TM) camouflage pattern. Other Emdom Multicam products include DAM4 mag pouch, medical pouch, admin panel, pistol mag pouch, and SUV pouch.

  • New: Army ACU camo Large Shingle Pouch, BOMB Medic Pouch, Wide Load 3" Pack.

Emdom USA, Inc.

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