LaRue Tactical MK31 Pen Flare QD Mount LT663

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his handy piece of hardware was the result of a satellite-call from a soldier in Iraq. He said that at checkpoints, they need to launch a flare at vehicles that don't stop, as part of the escalation-of-force rules. If a vehicle doesn't stop for the flare, the soldier will need his weapon ready. The problem was; the issued MK-31 flare launchers were hard to find, and dig out of a pocket in a hurry. He suggested some kind of weapon mount, making it easy to launch a flare with a weapon shouldered, at the ready. As per his suggestion, we created the LT-663 MK-31 mount. Unfortunately, the call was dropped, and we didn't get the soldier's name so if you read this, please send us an email, or give us a call. We'd like to show our appreciation for such a good idea.

The LT-663 mounts the Mk31 launcher to any mil-spec picatinny rail using a standard LT-171 mount When mounted on the left rail, the flare can be launched with a flick of the thumb, with the weapon trained on target. Machined from solid billet aluminum, it is built for abuse, and takes only seconds to install.

The LT-663 comes complete with LT-171 mount, QD adjustment wrench, vial of blue Locktite and Instructions.

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