PALS DROP LEG HANGER- 2" Fastex Buckle

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Drop Leg hanger 2" buckle
SKU: EU-030

PALS Drop Leg Hanger- 2" Fastex Buckle

Allows you to modify your current drop leg thigh rigs to quick release for rapid mounting and removing from any platform.  Using front and reverse full MALICE Clip matrix and 2 short MALICE Clips you can attach to PALS webbing, belts, or webbing loops up to 3" thick.  Because there is PALS webbing on the front and back you don't have to sacrifice any space on your belt or vest like with traditional hangers and straps.  Just affix your mission essential gear right on to the PALS on front and you're set, works great with our 'Grobes' Glove Case and Strobe Light Pouch.  If you have the room to spare you can also reverse the malice clips and have the Buckle hang down from above the body to keep a neat belt line or to find a more snug attachment location as we've found many rigs aren't ideal for the shorter of stature as is.  The Drop Leg Hanger is made of a double thickness of heavy-duty nylon webbing with 3 abutted bars by 2 channels of PALS webbing front and back. Each Hanger comes with 2 short MALICE Clips.

Tactical Advantages:

  • MOLLE / ALICE compatible: by MALICE Clips.

  • Belt mounted compatible: by using long or short MALICE Clips, the hanger fits any belt or webbing up to 3" wide. 

  • Quick Detachment (QD) Drop-Leg Platform: allows high speed mounting, switching and removal of any drop-leg thigh rigs. 

  • Front & Back mounting compatible: PALS webbing at both sides, maximizing mounting capacity without scarifying any belt or vest space. Allows sandwich or cross mounting. 

  • Reverse mounting compatible: you can keep a neat belt line, or explore more snug attachment locations by reversing the malice clips and have the buckle hang down from above the body (top-right picture).

  • No protruding binding tapes: at rear side seams. No more overlapping and deformity between pouches. Maximizing load-bearing capacity of any modular vest or armor system.

  • Side notes: The hanger works perfectly with small pouches such as our Strobe light pouches and "Grobes" glove pouch. 

  • Left: Drop leg hanger is mounted onto a Blackhawk padded web belt. It is attached to a SAFARILAND 6004 drop leg holster. 

  • Right: Drop leg hanger is mounted onto a 1-3/4" rigger belt. It is in "reverse mounting" position. It is attached to a Paraclete modular leg panel.


  • Top: Two drop leg hangers are mounted on a Blackhawk STRIKE chest harness, providing two drop leg attachment points. Other Emdom products include a chest mounted small Utili-Shingle pouch and a "Grobes" gloves pouch, three large Utili-Shingle pouches at the abdomen, and DA M4 mag pouches at both sides. 

  • Right: A close up picture of the above set up. Since the drop leg hanger has PALS on both sides, you can mount other MOLLE compatible pouches on it.

Emdom USA, Inc.

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