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HSGI Drop Leg Magazine Carrier, Double

The HSGI Drop Leg Magazine Carrier, Double Pouch is built off of HSGI's Diamond Mesh Platform. It maintains a firm and comfortable grip around the leg with little or no movement. This subload has tremendous carrying capacity.

It's features include:

(2) Universal Magazine Pouches which will allow the operator to carry various types of magazine such as (3) M-4, or (2) AK, or (2) .308 magazines per pouch. Also may carry (2) M-4 mags with coupler , or (1) M-4 mag along with (1) M-18 Smoke Grenade per pouch.

These pouches have adjustable shock-cord retension.

Hook and loop and side release buckle closure as well as a silencer strip for quite opening of flap.

The interior of the pouches has a stirrup design to seperate the magazines except for AK mags. This also allows to stagger the mags for easy extraction of magazines.

This unit includes 3 standard size (double stack) pistol mag and 1 extended (1" taller) pistol mag style pouches to carry longer items such as mag-lights and folders.

These pouches have the same hook and loop with silencer with side release buckle closure.

The belt hanger is adjustable to fit the drop length the user desires.

This subload has the option to carry a knife sheath behind the rifle mag pouches (Kydex knife sheaths recommended).

The single 2" leg strap uses (replaceable) shock-cord for the leg strap retension rather than elastic which fails after a period of time.

Constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura nylon, sewn with 135/138 bonded nylon threads.
Constructed and made totally with materials from within the USA.
Has HSGI Lifetime Warranty.

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